Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Working with a Mechatronics Engineering Degree

Though the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not maintain employment or salary data on mechatronics engineers, it does have statistics for the related industries of mechanical and electrical engineer. According to research at the BLS, demand for these types of professionals should likely experience five percent growth until at least 2022. Moreover, the bureau foresees electrical and electronics engineers to experience four percent growth in their career prospects. In contrast, electrical and electronic engineering technicians will likely see little or no growth over the time period. Based on O*Net salary data, mechatronic engineers earned a median salary of $92,680. In a state comparison for earning potential, the BLS found that mechanical engineering professionals in California earned the highest salary at $112,100. Professionals in Texas received $98,030 in yearly salary compensation. Engineers in New York and Illinois earned approximately $95,020 in pay annually.

Companies like Harris & Bruno have formed partnerships with schools like Sierra College in California to seamlessly integrate students from the classroom to applying their knowledge to real world mechatronics applications. Markus Fredrickson, a Sierra College student, works part-time in manufacturing at Harris & Bruno. When he first began his education, he did not have a clear direction for his career. However, the collaborative approach of his university and the private enterprise has provided him with direction and the practical outlet for his skills. He described his work with the firm as a seamless experience bridging his classroom education with real world scenarios. Many of the parts and systems he encountered in his classroom work echoed the very same components and problems he was asked to solve on the job. Ultimately, he found his theoretical and practical education as invaluable in facilitating his career advancement. These types of programs reflect the potential for students and companies as they integrate their resources and expertise in growing the industry. This boasts well for both current and prospective professionals in the field and the industry as a whole as more evolutions occur in terms of technology and human resources.
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